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1st March 2017, IOT Connect Pte Ltd is pleased to announce our participation in CommunicAsia2017,

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Participation in CommunicAsia2017

1st December 2016, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Silicon Valley-based XingTera Inc. A disruptor within the communications IC industry, XingTera has been leading the development of technology and standards from its inception. IOT Connect Pte Ltd is proud to be XingTera’s exclusive distributor in South-East Asia.


30th June 2016, Team One Technologies Pte Ltd ( IoT connect Pte Ltd’s parent company) is honored to be invited by National University of Singapore’s NUSWAN project team as the sole industrial partner for the Phase 2  development.

Source: National University of Singapore via Channel NewsAsia

If you’re enjoying a serene natural area, you might not appreciate seeing a very tech-looking pollution-hunting robot putting along the surface. That’s why scientists at the National University of Singapore have developed an alternative – water-quality-monitoring robots that look like swans.

The robots are the product of the NUSwan program, which cleverly enough stands for New Smart Water Assessment Network (NUSwan)

Each one incorporates a battery pack, electric motors and dual props (sorry, they don’t actually kick their feet), along with sensors for measuring factors such as pH, turbidity, chlorophyll content and dissolved oxygen. Although they can be manually piloted by remote control, the general idea is that they use their own onboard GPS guidance system to autonomously cruise reservoirs or other bodies of water, without going over the same areas twice – unless that’s what’s desired.

Data is transmitted to the cloud by Wi-Fi, and the robots automatically return to a charging station when their batteries start to run low. They’re also said to be reasonably tough, built to withstand the inevitable collisions with small boats.

While such water quality measurements are currently conducted in Singapore by people in boats, it is believed that the NUSwan system should be less expensive, quicker and logistically simpler.

NUSwan Phase 2 development 

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)-Singapore CREATE Phase 2 Project ES-3 proposal that is being submitted to the National Research Foundation.

Based on our understanding of the ES-3 project, Team One identified and are interested to collaborate and participate in joint research and development on the requirements of :

1. Smart Intelligent Sensing Network with cloud storage for real-time detection of emerging contaminants (ECs)

2. Reliable and robust communication link between sensors and IT infrastructure

3. Joint project scale-up, mass deployment, and commercial exploitation with NUS.

We are looking forward to work with NUS on this exciting and promising project.

15th May 2016, We are pleased to announce the collaboration of IoT Connect Pte Ltd and Ngee Ann Polytechnic focus on Internet of Things (“IoT”) related technologies.

The parties agree to work on IoT activities in any of the following forms:

Technology Development

The Parties can work together to provide feasible solutions to solve problems faced by the industry. The Parties agree to work on following three IoT projects to start the collaboration.

1.ZigBee Communication Testing

NP will support IoTConnectin testing of ZigBee communication modules in the campus. The Parties will also work on ZigBee communication protocol customization to improve reliability and performance.

2.Intelligent Camera for Crowd Detection/Monitoring

 NP will share the hardware prototype and algorithms used in the intelligent camera for crowd detection/monitoring. IoTConnect will provide technical support in packaging, PCB design optimization, and transferring of algorithms on to embedded module. The Parties will work together for commercialization of the project.

3. Bicycle Sharing Solution

 NP will continue to upgrade the bicycle sharing solution in both hardware and software. IoTConnect will provide technical support on functionality optimization, hardware packaging and bicycle installation. The Parties will work together for commercialization of the project.