Build Your Hardware

Take advantage of our design and manufacturing capabilities to bring your idea into the market.
With our expertise in frontend hardware we can quickly generate specifications required for your project and deliver a proof-of- concept (POC) for demos and field tests. To take a POC further into commercialisation, we will refine the design for manufacture and qualifications in order to bring it to scale.

PCB DesignIoT Connect

Custom PCB design and development process involves proper component selection, schematic and PCB layout. We have expertise in multilayer (10+) PCBs, signal integrity optimisation and high density designs.

Embedded SoftwareIoT Connect

Our software team has expertise in wireless communications protocols for IoT development. With deployed solutions utilising NFC, Bluetooth, LoRa, ZigBee and GSM we are able to create robust, scalable and secure products. Power efficient software design is also our specialty, creating products that can meet the challenging low power requirements for IoT.

Testing &TroubleshootingIoT Connect

We are committed to the reliability of our designs and work tirelessly to ensure that our system performance is consistent. During assembly we test our sub-circuits to qualify them before integration. Using a combination of failure isolation techniques and oscilloscope capture, faults are narrowed down and eliminated.

CertificationIoT Connect

Bringing a product to market means more than just design and manufacturing. To realise the goal of commercialisation also means archiving the required certification for your target industry and region. Our on-site test equipment help prepare us for compliance testing giving us the confidence in our designs before shipping to test facilities.