About Us

IoT Connect is a fully owned Subsidiary of Singapore based Team One Technologies Pte Ltd. Team One established in 1995 provides customized electronic, mechanical, and IT solutions for Aviation, Hospital, Learning Institute, Construction, Water and Environmental, Transport and Military sectors.

IoT Connect is an IoT solutions and platform manufacturer who specialize in helping businesses such as System Integrators, Domain Experts and Enterprises to harness the power of IoT to monetize your business processes and create new value for your business and customers. Our platforms enable fast and scalable IoT deployments for industrial and commercial applications in any industry.

SolutionsIoT Connect

Our years of experience and expertise in industrial design and manufacturing enable us to span across a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Our business to business solutions help companies grow and expand their capabilities.

PartnershipIoT Connect

Our key priority is on delivering a quality product to you and your customers. Our partnership arrangements ensure that the supply side of the business is always taken care of so that you can focus on your customers.

White Label and OEMIoT Connect

Our OEM Program allows our partners to white label all IoT solutions to fit into your overall domain product and services.

This provides significant value to our OEM partners as well as allows you to maximize your customers’ access:

• Build new services

• Develop new revenue sources & business models

• Enhance customer satisfaction

• Accelerate time-to-market

• Industrial design and manufacturing

• Testing and certification

Our Partners

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